Recalling 2008 Lafayette prices in 2009

立即报价有效期至:长期有效 Expected receipt: immediate quotation valid until: long-term validity
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Recover the 2008 Lafayette price in 2009, and the price of Feitian FCL Moutai in 2013, and collect the original 2013 Feitian Moutai at high prices, recycle it into a box of Feitian Moutai in 2011, recover the FCL Wuliangye in 2012, and recover Feitian Box of Moutai 1-price recovery Wuliangye FCL price. High price recovery of Fuzhou Moutai in 2002. Recycling of Feitian Moutai in 2003, on-site collection of Moutai in 2004, recovery of Moutai in 2005, recovery of original box in 2006 Feitian Maotai Liquor, come back to collect Maotai Liquor in 2007, recycle FCL Maotai Liquor in 2008, recycle FCL Maotai Liquor in 2009, recycle Wulang liquor in the 1990s.


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