Rare authentic bamboo tube wine, a wine produced by the deep mountain bamboo forest! Now we are looking for agents!

立即报价有效期至:长期有效 Expected receipt: 100,000 Immediate quotation Valid until: Long-term effective
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Purchase requirements

  • 100000 Number required: 100000
  • 168 Price on request: 168
  • 礼盒包装 Packaging requirements: gift box packaging
  • 12*12*32 Model: 12 * 12 * 32
  • 52度 Degrees: 52 degrees
  • 礼盒装 Packaging: Gift box

1. Selection of materials: The base wine is selected from the high-quality sorghum puree wine in Jinzhong area, and the Hakka ancestral sparkling wine technology is used. Refining and aging of precious Chinese medicinal materials;

Moso bamboo is selected from the original ecological natural bamboo with an altitude of kilometers and almost no industrial pollution.
2. Note: In the clear rain, the bamboo shoots are formed in the early stage, and high-quality young bamboos are selected to be injected into the bamboo cavity, which is the same length as the bamboo.

3, wine body: golden liquor, green and mellow, soft and refreshing, sweet and refreshing.

4. Efficacy: The fresh bamboo wine brewed by Hakka traditional technology has various effects such as warming the stomach, relieving liver and spleen, promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood, smoothing the qi and removing annoyance, and digesting the vitality.
According to other reports: Zhuru, Zhuhuang and Zhuli can clear heat and reduce phlegm, cure phlegm, heat, asthma, and sputum disturbing the mind; and Zhurushan can clear the phlegm and vomiting of the lungs and stomach; The bamboo yellow is smooth and sputum can be occluded with phlegm and surprise. The base wine is more than one year old with the bamboo in the bamboo cavity, and the wine body fully absorbs the nutritional components of the bamboo body. Moderate drinking fresh bamboo wine can improve intestinal function, nourish blood and stomach, clear heat and annoyance, reconcile viscera, balance yin and yang, and improve human immunity!

5. Note: Due to the incomplete sealing of the bamboo body, the net content may be slightly reduced and the alcohol content may be slightly reduced.

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