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    "China's Wine Valley, Ecological Hejiang", located at the junction of the Yangtze River and Chishui River, Hejiang has a history of more than 2,100 years. Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Kuzhuxi, Jiuzhi Town, Hejiang County, Shengzhou City, and the company covers an area of more than 200 acres.
    "The sauce is obvious, the wine is mellow and harmonious, the aftertaste is long, and the style is good." In 2009, Jushen Wine Company, introduced by China Merchants, invested more than 50 million yuan. It is estimated that 38 wine cellars will be built with an output of more than 1,000 tons. This year, the sauce brand liquor that Jushen Wine Company is trying to build will make its debut and enter the market.

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  • 帝佳三星酒  酱香型  53度高度白酒
  • 帝佳四星酒  酱香型  53度高度白酒
  • 帝佳五星酒 酱香型 53度高度白酒
  • 帝佳喜福(陶瓶)  酱香酒 52度 500ml
  • 泸州本地纯粮食散白酒 巨神酱香型白酒
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