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    Taste Xiaojiu Wine Industry Co., Ltd. has a sound organizational structure and an efficient company management mechanism, as well as a timely and complete logistics distribution system. Adhering to the business principles of “mutual cooperation and win-win progress” and “sticking to results” management principles, we make unremitting efforts in the industry competition, look to the future, and strive to be the best brand, best product, with the greatest support, The lowest risk obtains the highest return, creating a win-win situation for manufacturers and even social value.
    Wuliangye Flavored Small Liquor is a high-quality white wine developed and produced by Yibin Wuliangye Co., Ltd., as a masterpiece of the Wuliangye Group-The taste of small wine can be described as the essence of Wuliangye's ancient winemaking process and long-standing culture. The taste of the small wine is led by the chief bartender of Wuliangye, so that it can be crystal clear and bright; the warmth and sweetness of the fragrance and the ripples of the layers; the smell is long and long, and the aroma is extremely strong; the taste is soft and sweet, and the lips are fragrant. . Let those who have tasted indulge in its aroma and linger. The best enjoyment of the three senses of sight, smell, and taste also reflects the extremely high level of Chinese culture, which also makes Wuliangye, a taste small wine, deeply loved by consumers.

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  • 五粮液金乔禧52度500ml*6整箱浓香型白酒


  • 五粮液味道小酒52度浓香型白酒4盒100ml*24瓶整箱
  • 五粮液金乔禧 味道小酒 52度100ml浓香型白酒
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