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Chinese famous wine capital

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拉菲那些年值得收藏的酒 Tukulaffe worth collecting wine in those years
If you don't consider the quality of wine, you must ask which winery is the most worthy of collection. The first reaction of many people may be Mouton [detailed]
Chinese famous wine capital
加盟洞藏老酒靠谱吗? Q & A Is it reliable to join Dongzang old wine? Have
In fact, no matter what you join, you make money, but the prerequisite is that the quality of the product passes, and that your sales must have a good channel, and [detailed]
2017大黔朝的酒醅原浆酒 China Merchants 2017 Daqian Dynasty's Jiuyuan Puree Wine
The Guizhou Daqian Dynasty wine industry mainly builds the country, specializing in the production of Maotai town sauce-flavored liquor, liquor culture puree liquor, with a characteristic liquor market, now facing the whole [Detail]
Chinese famous wine capital

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  • Lai Gao Huai-Life is like wine
    Lai Gao Huai-Life is like wine

    Lai Gaohuai (February 1934), male, Han nationality, Chuzhou, Sichuan, master of international brewing, famous national liquor expert The current Chinese liquor professional ... [Details]

  • Hu Yaobang wrote a poem why there is a sentence "Get out of their eggs"
    Why did Hu Yaobang write a poem

    The recent anti-corruption storm in China should be unprecedented. In all provinces and cities across the country, deputy provincial officials were investigated and none were spared. ... [details]

Chinese famous wine capital

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